Chronicles of a Travel Addict



All About Me

Hello friends!! Thank you for visiting!!!

Here’s a little bit about me:   My name is Toya and I love love LOVE to travel (duh lol)!!!  So much so that I currently travel for a living as a Flight Attendant.  I’ve flown for two airlines, totally five years of being in the aviation field and I must say; I truly enjoy it!!  Flying for a living is one of the most rewarding things for me.  It allows me to have an amazingly flexible schedule for family and myself, all while seeing the world!

I am originally from  Michigan now residing in Atlanta, Georgia with my daughter, Mackenzie, who also loves to hop on a plane (she is truly my daughter).  We are currently planning a super dope mom/daughter trip (stay tuned!)  Every month is an adventure and can be a stressful yet exciting balancing act of travel life and mom life but we make it work!

Lastly, Discovering new places both within the states and internationally is an addiction with no cure for me. Whether its visiting the Louvre in Paris or attending the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque I have this NEED to experience it all!    I also have this thing for beautiful scenery…oh and learning new cultures….oh and hotel rooms….oh and food….and wine (red please)!!

This blog is a journey of my love of all things travel.  My hope for this blog is to inspire more travel and to just enjoy more life in its entirety as there is beauty and lessons wherever we go.  I will also share tips on hotels, travel dos and don’ts, where to party, relax, and everything in between!

P.S.  I love comments!!  Please feel free to leave one! Thank you for being apart of my journey! 🙂