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4 Reasons To Visit Casa Malca, Tulum Mexico

I just wrapped up my Casa Malca trip in Tulum Mexico and it was nothing short of amazing.  First of all, never have I ever taken a vacation for the hotel but that was pretty much the mission for this particular vacation.  After hearing so much about this hotel including how beautiful it was I decided to see for myself.  I flew into Cancun and from there it was a two hour drive to Tulum.  Definitely worth the drive!  Here are four reasons Casa Malca should be visited:

  1. The History:  Did you know that this  former mansion turned five-star luxury boutique hotel was once owned by Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar?!  Yes you read that right:  Pablo Escobar; the world’s weathiest-ever drug lord owned this mansion among many.  The building was abandoned shortly after Escobar’s death in 1993.   Who wouldn’t want to stay in a place tied to a man that has literally went down in history?
  2. The Art and Decor:  This beautiful mansion was bought in 2012 by Lio Malca, renowned New York art collector and gallery owner.  He renovated the building and filled it with valuable pieces from his art collection including KAWS and Keith Haring.  As guest approach the hotel they are arrive at a forecourt covered in beautiful persian rugs.  If not opened the entrance can easily be mistaken by a giant wall covered in tree bark but this is actually two giant doors!  Inside the building paintings, sculptures, and furniture from some of the most famous contemporary artist and designers can be found throughout the mansion.  The art is often rotated throughout the hotel so that returning guest can enjoy different works.
  3. The Landscape:  Beautiful, rustic, spacious land filled with lush jungle vegetation and green gardens throughout the campus.  Open water that can be seen no matter where you are in or right outside of the house.  It is such a site to walk around to see the beautiful and very well kept landscape.
  4. The Exclusivity:  This was my first time staying in a boutique hotel and now I’m hooked.  The reason?  Exclusivity.  Because Casa Malca doesn’t have hundreds of rooms like a traditional hotel would you feel like you have the entire mansion to yourself.  The beach behind the hotel is very quiet with minimal guest making you feel like you own it.  Same feeling with the hotel’s restaurant Philosophy.  Never have I ever went on vacation where it felt like a vacation yet home at the same time.  Casa Malca is a perfect place to go with your significant other to enjoy a beautiful and quiet scenery.

Because there is so much “world” out there hardly do I ever want to visit the same place twice but I can honestly say that Casa Malca is a place that I want to visit annually.  It is just that magical.  I can’t wait to go back.  If you plan on visiting or have been before let me know below.  Thanks for reading 🙂

2 thoughts on “4 Reasons To Visit Casa Malca, Tulum Mexico”

  • Hi Toya,

    Your pics are gorgeous! My husband and I happened to be visiting Casa Malca this past weekend as well. While we didn’t stay there, we ate lunch at the restaurant and toured the hotel. It was beautiful! My husband and I are big Narcos fans, so we went with the excitement of seeing Pablo Escobar’s home. We were blown away by the amazing art and exclusivity. We are looking forward to staying there when we return to Tulum.

    • Hi! Thank you so much!! You will love your stay when you return. I’m already trying to plan my next stay lol! Yes the art is absolutely amazing. Let me know how your stay goes when you go back! 🙂

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