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5 FREE Traveling Apps that are a MUST HAVE for easier traveling

No matter what is going on in our lives I think we are ALWAYS in search of the same thing;  ways to make life easier!!  Traveling is no different!  Whether you are looking to start traveling for the first time or are a seasoned traveling nomad here are five of my most favorite (and did I mention free) traveling apps that I use for myself or for family and friends that may need some traveling assistance.

  1. Gate Guru:

Why I love it:  My first reason would be FOOD!!  Food is so important to me y’all.  This app offers the ability to see what restaurants are available on each concourse of most major airports.  A feature that I LOVE is that most of the restaurants are rated so you know which ones to try and which to avoid.  No need to wander up and down the concourses hoping to run into your favorite restaurants. Now you will know exactly what is available.

In addition to restaurants this app offers the ability to quickly find retail, services (such as spas and shoe shine), basic flight tracking, details such as estimated time it will take to get through security, the option to bookmark your favorite amenities for next time, and overall tips for the airport selected. And although I’ve never personally used it, this app does offer the ability to check-in for your flight.


 2.  Rome2Rio:

Why I love it:  This app is super cool to me because it offers you the best way to get from point A to point B by all means of transportation available (bus, ferry, train, airplane, car, etc).  So if I’d like to travel from Atlanta to Bali it will give me the best way (hmm…this sounds like a future trip now that I think about it).   You also have the option to choose what “best” means to you; whether you are looking for the best price, quickest route, etc.  YOU CHOOSE.  This app offers a detailed map of origin and destination so that you can follow along your route.

This app also offers a hotel tab to find a hotel in the desired city, the option to change the currency, and the option to change distance measurements (miles, kilometers, etc).


  3.  Hitlist:

Why I love it:  I think I can speak for the majority of flight attendants when I say this:  WE HATE BUDDY PASS REQUEST!!  Whewwwww I felt something in my soul even typing that!  In my opinion this app is PERFECT for those wanting a buddy pass.  Why?  Most people that want a buddy pass are looking to fly at a discounted rate.  This app is a much better option!  Here’s the skinny:  create a “hitlist” of your favorite and/or most desired destinations and let the app do the rest!  This app constantly scans airfares and will notify you if and when your desired destinations are at an all time low!  Not to mention that these tickets are positive seating and NOT standby like a buddy pass will be. This app is perfect for the flexible and spontaneous traveler on a budget as well as travelers that may find a deal months before travel date.

Downside:  After clicking the deal this airfare can increase or no longer be available.  This can be a little heartbreaking once you have your heart set on paying a certain price.  I have found, though, even when there’s an increase sometimes it’s only a few dollars of a difference.  Still making it worth it and again, better than a buddy pass that’s not guaranteed seating.


  4.  HotelTonight:

Why I love it:  This app will help you find amazing last minute discounted hotel deals up to 7 days ahead of time.  Even if you are in need of a hotel in the next 15 minutes you are in luck and at a great rate!  When HotelTonight approved hotels have unsold rooms that information is sent to this app creating unbelievable deals last minute!

Downside:  Taxes and fees.  Be careful with taxes and fees that may not be visible until purchasing time.  Depending on the deal this can still be a great deal. Use discretion.

Another downside:  “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.”  You may not be able to necessarily choose the type of room desired.  But if this means nothing to you then this is a great tool to use when traveling!


5.  Mobile Passport:

Why I love it:  After flying international the LAST thing I want to do is wait in a long line at Customs.  Mobile Passport is an amazing resolution that I use ALWAYS.  You can literally set it up within minutes by adding your personal and passport information and your best selfie!  The information is then stored for future flights!  Easy Peezy!

Now I’ve never had global entry so I can’t speak on it BUT what I can say is this:  In regards to getting through lines and fees I feel that Mobile Passport is the better of the two.  I’ve actually tested this out several times with friends who has global entry and have come to find that Mobile Passport takes the same or often less time to get through U.S. Customs and Border Protection and it’s FREE where as global entry has a fee.


If you have any of these apps please let me know your thoughts….or if you decide to try them out please let me know how they worked out for you!  🙂

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