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Coronado Island, San Diego 5.3.18

I spent the day at Coronado Island which is just across downtown San Diego, across the bay.  I was already in downtown San Diego looking for something to do when I learned that, if taking a ferry, that there was a small island with great restaurants, shopping, and a really cool hotel.  I decided that would be my day.  I took a ten minute ferry which only cost $9.75 round trip (not bad at all).

Once we docked at Coronado Ferry Landing I stepped off of the ferry and was immediately greeted with art galleries, boutiques and restaurants.  We decided to have lunch at Spiro’s Greek Cafe which offered indoor and outdoor seating.  The portions were huge!  I love that this restaurant offered wine.  I ordered Merlot which was delicious.


After lunch we visited some of the boutiques.  I really wasn’t in the shopping mood so we decided to Uber to this “cool” hotel that we had heard about:  Hotel Del Coronado (the locals just call it Hotel Del).  OMG!  What a beautiful hotel!  It has been around FOREVER!  It was built in 1887.  The interior immediately welcomes you in with it’s gorgeous wooden ceilings and pillars.  Right in the middle of the lobby there is this huge chandelier with fresh flowers underneath.

I decided that I wanted some kind of souvenir and proceeded to the hotel’s gift shop.  That is where I got my history lesson.  The lady working in the gift shop was so nice and inviting!  She filled me in on the fact that this hotel was one of Marilyn Monroe’s favorite hotels to stay at.  She frequented it so much that this hotel was used in one of her movies, Some Like It Hot, 1959.  It is also rumored that there was a secret tunnel under the hotel that Marilyn (Ms. Monroe if you’re nasty) used to meet her secret lover whom i’m told is “Mr. Sheckels”.  Well well well!!….I love some good tea honey, even if it was from years ago.  Hotel Del Coronado was also the winter home for L Frank Baum, the author of The Wizard of Oz!  Sooo much history!  I had no clue!

Right in back of the hotel is Coronado Beach which is where I decided to spend the rest of my time on the island.  All of the locals that I met and spoke with told me that this is one of the best beaches in all of California.  While I can’t confirm nor deny that I can say that it was great.  The weather that day was perfect.  It truly was the perfect day.

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