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Fave 5 things in Tokyo


I went to Tokyo the first week of April.  Here are my 5 favorite things I did there:

Tokyo Skytree:  I had the opportunity to visit the Tokyo Skytree, which is the world’s tallest tower at 634 meters!  Although stunning during the day, it was beautifully lit at night.  The night I went in particular it was magenta/purple.  I thought it was cool how, in the building, there were pictures of other famous buildings (such as the Eiffel tower and the Empire State Building) and their measurements to compare.   At the very top of the tower is 634 Musashi Sky Restaurant.  With the choice of a 6 course or 8 course fine dining experience as well as a breathtaking view of all of Tokyo I would suggest to anyone with plans on visiting Tokyo to NOT miss this opportunity.


Museums:  I visited two museums in Tokyo:  The Gallerie Perrotin which is featuring the Kaws exhibit until May 12th.  I also visited the Matsumoto City Museum of Art which was my favorite of the two.  While the Kaws exhibit was nice it was very small.  The Kusama exhibits were breathtaking!  While I am no art connoisseur by ANY means I really can appreciate the craft and the beauty that is formed from these amazing artist and was very happy that these two museums were apart of my Tokyo visit.

Tokyo Dome City:  I stayed at the Tokyo Dome Hotel which is smack dab in the middle of Tokyo Dome City!  Tokyo Dome City is a super dope area that includes concerts, spas, shopping, restaurants, and amusement such as the Thunder Dolphin roller coaster (not going to lie, I was scared to ride this but loved it) as well as The Big O.  The Big O is the world’s largest centerless ferris wheel.  Aside from the Skytree, the Big O is another way to view Tokyo in it’s entirety and takes about 15 minutes to complete a ride.

Tokyo Disneyland:  Uhhhh enough said…Disney is and will always be magical.

Tokyo Bay:  Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!  If New York City and San Francisco’s skyline could have a baby this would be it!  It even has a Statue of Liberty replica!  Tokyo Bay is the most populous and largest industrialized area in Japan.  This area offers plenty of shopping and restaurants as well but the VIEW!!  I sat on a bench and just enjoyed the beauty for a long time.  It was at night and the lighting was beautiful.  My favorite part was  the rainbow bridge.  It kind of put me in mind of a baby Golden Gate bridge but with color.

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